Eternal Recurrence? Evolutionary Coincidence? Both?

Basking in the sands of youth’s hourglass. So many grains. Impossible to slip through to the bottom. It will turn over to begin anew. The grains reassembling on the other side of eternal existence. Flipping over and over again, with no end in sight. How long must I be here? Forever?

The eternal recurrence just cannot be true. Too many up’s, and too many down’s. Must I live each moment repeatedly on an infinite spectrum? Blessed and cursed to continue the cycle. Love, pain, waking, sleeping, running, napping, hate, sadness, ecstasy, despair, fear, eating, showering, boredom. All memorable to a certain degree. Must I go through each and every moment without refrain?

Birth-all experiences take place. Death. Birth-same experiences take place. Death. Repeat. Should I be relieved? Is there any way out? Why would I want to discontinue the experience of all of the intricacies that life has to offer. Is all illusory? A curtain called permanently for us to continue the charade? Never to be pulled back, to let us know it’s true form and substance.

There is a queer ring to the symphony of life. Complexity without measure. Simplicity that cannot go unnoticed. All is in perfect balance. Or balanced enough for extended periods of reprieve, I suppose. The unfathomable purpose behind the universe: why does anything exist at all?

Are we spiritual beings trapped in physical bodies on this plane of existence in order to further our understanding of not only ourselves, but of the universe as well? Or is that an optimistic mindset for a short, and brutish existence which is purely biological coincidence? Racking my brain for the answer only produces more questions.


Author: canyoufeelthevibes

You're here for the same reason I have a human experience.

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