So College

When five o'clock rolls around 
The whistle blows.. Love that sound
Peace out, fags..I'm heading home 
My lips need that hoppy foam 

Speed walk and skip, to the door 
Shoes fly off and hit the floor 
To the fridge and grab a beer 
The ice cold can brings a tear 

Press the tab and kick it back 
Might just chug the whole damn pack 
Want to drink 'til I can't see 

Hit the couch..grab the clicker 
Strong buzz..might hit the liquor 
Ice clinks glass, few pours after 
Couple sips..full of laughter 

Body warms and brain moves slow 
Fuck work, man..not gonna go 
Stay up late, get drunk AF 
Watch the game..this fucking ref... 

Room fades, and I start to spin 
Goosebumps ripple up my skin 
To the toilet..time to yack.. 
Head crushes rim.. with a smack 

Wake up at the crack of noon 
Bass drum headache..only tune 
Check my phone..yes, I'm fired.. 
Unsure.. of what transpired

Author: canyoufeelthevibes

You're here for the same reason I have a human experience.

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