Crowded rooms and music bumping
Through my chest my heart is thumping 
Think I'm wasted..can barely see 
Too many drugs..inside of me 

I took two shots, and ripped a joint
Had too many beers..at this point 
Pretty sure Ty slipped me molly.. 
Who gives a fuck..feeling jolly

Keeping my balance through the crowd 
Not going to puke: that, I've vowed 
People skiing in the corner..
That's too much coke..I should warn her 

Better yet, should ride the lightning
That went well. Jaw is tightening 
It's time to dance, and rage, and sing..
I can't feel my face..that's the thing

Need way more drinks to calm this rush
This drug cocktail's a royal flush
Have never felt so fucking good
Would do every drug..if I could

A few more lines should do the trick 
Biggest gator is what I'll pick 
Vacuuming powder with my nose 
I'm hitting the slopes..with the pros 

My heart hurts..I think I'm dying 
"Just hold on, man."..Dude, I'm trying..
Please, someone call an EMT..
This party's been the death of me

Author: canyoufeelthevibes

You're here for the same reason I am...to have a human experience.

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