Der Fuhrer

I can't believe we lost the First
Treaty of Versailles was the worst
Time for me to create a Reich
Weimar Republic? Take a hike

I'll put the country on my back 
World domination? Take a crack
No more Jews will be in power 
This is Deutschland's finest hour 

The rest of Europe stinks of fear
Put this war machine back in gear 
Jobs for many, and food for all
We'll be in Poland by this fall

My Germans need more living space 
Showing the world we're master race 
Well, France goes down without a fight 
Marching through Paris..what a sight 

We're setting our sights on the east 
Tackle Russia. Different beast
So many Jews..kill the vermin
Luftwaffe time..bring me Herman

Barbarossa's Operation
"Sieg Heil!" chants across the nation
Put all my best in shirts of black
Onto Moscow! No turning back 
Didn't get there..before the snow 
Not sure how this is gonna go.. 
Aryans losing? This can't be
Not a step back. Nobody flee

War is lost. Final Solution!
No Jews left: my resolution 
I'll hide Berlin
Here they come..gun goes under chin

Author: canyoufeelthevibes

You're here for the same reason I have a human experience.

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