What is a good mate? Traditionally, it is a combination of reproductive potential, physical health, and the ability to acquire resources. The landscape of the modern world has skewed this combination. We no longer hunt our food. In general, we are not exposed to extreme weather. Mankind has reached a comfortable stability in the developed world.

For most, resource acquisition means trading. We trade our time for the almighty dollar. We race to and from the workplace, doing menial tasks that keep the cogs spinning. How much is our time worth? This depends on our skills, knowledge, and ability to complete difficult tasks. Specialization allows us to find a niche.

Some people are brilliant researchers, educators, and scientists. Others are architects, engineers, and technicians that leave the rest of us in awe. Some are extremely talented athletes, performers, and musicians. How much longer will generic, manual labor last. Is the list of tasks that can be automated finite? Are we sure that human potential will always be required to keep society moving forward?

What happens when our technology bypasses our wildest dreams? Will it ever reach that point? Or will it be an uncontrollably destructive force, that we accidentally unleash? Will we integrate with it on a biological level? Is it our destiny? Can humans evolve without a constant improvement, and increasing usage of technology? If so, to what degree?

Would we be better off without our advances in technology? Would we be a more pure, natural species? Is our technological world making us weaker? Most of us certainly do not have the skills, knowledge, and ability to survive in the wilderness. We are dependent upon society to provide us with food, shelter, and clothing. The alternative will no longer exist in the coming centuries.

Maybe our widespread unrest comes from our disconnection from the wild. We were born and bred to be animals. “Civilized” is a matter of perspective. Have we really come that far? Yes, we have our precious technology, but does that make us so much better than our “primitive” relatives? Are they not happier with subsistence living? Maybe not as comfortable, but certainly more connected with the natural environment.

Isn’t that the whole point? Have we lost sight of what we were put on earth to do. Life has become an obscure illusion. We no longer interact with our animal cousins on a daily basis. We push them as far away as possible. We destroy their habitats for our “progress.” We slaughter them on an industrial level. We turn the world into our maniacal playground.

The disconnect we have created, has turned our lives into a vacuum. Something just doesn’t seem right, so we shove everything that we can, into the void. We work harder for the newest “things.” We must keep up with the trends, or what will people think? We cannot be outsiders in the hive. We must keep pushing ourselves to the brink of the social stratosphere.

Bigger houses, faster cars, nicer clothes, and more exquisite food. For what? Short-lived enjoyment? And at what cost? The fabric of our families, our mental peace, and ability to cope with life fades into a materialistic backdrop. As long as we can purchase shiny, new toys, life on earth will be manageable. “Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it certainly helps.”..until you’re taking your last breath and realize you’ve spent your whole life chasing something you can’t take with you.

Our inability to survive without society has been ingrained in us. “Off the grid.” What is the grid exactly?..aside from the complex social constructs that we shove down each other’s throats. The constant brainwashing. The daily exposure to nonsense to keep people fearful, appeased, and complacent. Sitcoms, cartoons, movies, athletics, music, social media: we are spoon-fed by mainstream media like brain-dead vegetables.

It’s our life support. We could not imagine life without it. What would we do with our thoughts? Mull them over, learn, and gain a better understanding? Become unhappy with our realizations and institute change from the ground up? No. We’ll watch more, and do less. Scroll more, and read less. Let books die, and put a smartphone in every hand. Know less about our history, than we do about our favorite celebrities. We will consume whatever is put in front of us.

It gets to the point that we no longer make decisions for ourselves. We do what we’re told without ever having to ask. Society makes sure we stay on the straight and narrow. Fall in line with the sheeple. Don’t ruffle any feathers, and certainly don’t offend anyone. Let everyone live the life they want to live, as long as it falls in accord with furthering the social agenda. Maintain the status quo. “Freedom” for all, and freedom for none.

We are all marching to each other’s drums. Look around. Look at the house next door. Look at the cars in the other lane. Look at your coworkers. Look at the office across the street. We are all one and the same. Droning for puppet leadership, and shadow governments that treat us like cattle. Big changes are heading our way, and we’ll never see them coming. We may not see them at all. The more it changes, the more it stays the same.


Author: canyoufeelthevibes

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