Chin Scratching

We walk upright, have bifocal vision, and are relatively hairless. We have no armor, nor claws. Our canines are irrelevant. Our sensory perceptions are nothing out of the ordinary.  Our athletic prowess is overshadowed by our wild counterparts. We are out-sized, outclassed, and outmatched.

But, we have self-awareness, and foresight; critical components for living an organized, and goal-oriented life. We can contemplate, and act..rather than react to situations. We can plan for the future based on our current circumstances. These two pieces of the puzzle, allow us to take life step-by-step.

Does breaking it down actually change our path? Or is it a false sense of security? They make us feel as if we are in the driver seat. We can use probabilities, and past experiences, to help us predict where we are going. Is this really the case? Or has everything already been set in motion, and we are just along for the ride? The age-old riddle of free-will vs. destiny, I suppose.

Does it really matter if one, both, or neither is in play? The sensory experience must have a purpose..right? We have to be here for a reason. What’s the use of setting this grand scheme of things into motion, without a desired result? Is it our chance to bypass biological life? A stepping stone for our spirituality and/or consciousness?

If existence is cyclical, can we really ever break free? Or do we merely set ourselves up for a better experience the next time around? Is it entirely random, and no matter what we do, we will experience the exact same set of circumstances for eternity? i.e. the eternal recurrence? I like to think that my actions will have not only an impact on my current life, but will reverberate throughout a cyclical existence. This will compound over lifetimes, eventually freeing me from the cycle altogether, or so I like to think.

Pondering these questions are as old as existence itself. They are nothing new. It is just now coming to the forefront of my consciousness. Despite life’s fleeting nature, I can’t seem to bring myself to, “make the most of it.” Partly because I am unsure of whether or not there is such a thing, and partly because I am unsure of how to go about it. Wouldn’t “most” be a matter of perspective for every person?

Some people may enjoy sloth. Would napping, relaxing, and “wasting” their days be making the most of life? And for the people who race through life, from one goal to the next without taking a break, would they not be making the most of life as well? Who are we to judge? Everyone’s experience is different. Everyone’s life is tailored to their conscious vibration.

We sense, and experience, the things that are necessary in order to further our consciousness, and those things only. Our exposure to our world depends on what our soul needs, in order to progress; in this life or the next. We have the life that we do, in order to raise our levels of self-awareness, and spirituality. It is presented to us in a way that allows us to point our moral compass in the right direction. We can choose to accept that, or we can flick it into a tailspin, and see what happens.

The flip-side of that argument is that our progression has been laid out for us, and our only duty is to endure. Our hand is held for the entire duration. We have no choice but to be pulled out of the darkness, by the guidance of a higher power. What we are shown, will eventually lead us away from the cycle of life. Are we all destined to break free from cyclical existence? Is it just a matter of time? How long must we hold on?

What more can I base these thoughts off of.. other than a diluted memory, my sensory experience, and the impulses of my reptilian brain? I think, therefore I am.. is all I have. I can think..the rest may be entirely illusory. Is there a way to actually break free? Do I actually want to? Will I always be here, no matter what happens? Do I only get one crack at this because of cosmic coincidence? No answers. Only questions.



Author: canyoufeelthevibes

You're here for the same reason I have a human experience.

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