Life in One Day

If life was lived in terms of one day, this is how it would play out in my eyes.

Your birth would be rousing yourself from a weary slumber in the early morning hours. Still in a dream-like state.

Your infancy would be those first few minutes of the morning, in which you’re too groggy to really be aware of what’s going on.

Your toddler days would be that first burst of shower water that awakens you to your existence.

Your youth would be the time spent prepping for your big day. Practicing hygiene, taking care of yourself, and looking forward to the day’s plan.

Your teenage years would be breakfast time. Experimenting with breakfast foods, and swigging coffee.

Your twenties would be feeling the caffeine, strapping yourself into the vehicle of life, and whizzing into the future. Finding your way.

You early thirties would be the arrival at work and settling into the office. Being polite to your coworkers, and forming a foundation for future success in the day.

Your late thirties would be the hours leading up to the lunch break. You’ve settled in, you’re grinding out work, and looking for some reprieve.

Your forties would be your lunch break. Secure in some spheres. Ready for the day to be over. Just a few more hours. Coasting.

Your fifties would be the hours just before the whistle blows. Cram some more work in. Finish what you need to, and get ready to end the day.

Your sixties would be from the time work ends to finding your way home. Get there, and you can do whatever you want.

Your seventies would be dinner. Feasting on the fruits of your labor. Plumping yourself on relaxation.

Your eighties would be the downtime before bed. Watching movies, or reading books etc.

Your nineties, if you don’t pass out on the couch before then, would be crawling into bed, and enjoying the comfort of knowing you’ll be asleep soon.

Anything beyond that, you either can’t sleep, or you’re trying to stay awake for as long as you can. Don’t worry, you’ll fall asleep eventually.

Life in one day.

Author: canyoufeelthevibes

You're here for the same reason I have a human experience.

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