Eking Out an Existence Part 2

We chase money, accolades, prestige, power…and for what? We are fixated on the pursuit of distractions from the inevitable. This life will come to an end. It is bound to. There is no escaping that fact, and we cannot accept the reality. At least, not without a fight. The struggle is fickle, however, given that we are incapable of taking anything with us.

The nonsensical pursuits of material accoutrements all lead to the same finish line. Death. None of it matters…so why take it so seriously? Life is short. Father time pulls on our shoulders, we are exposed to the elements, and the universal rhythm of energy and vibration tug apart our genetic makeup seamlessly. We are born, create our own meaning for life, and are swallowed by the universe by which we came to be.

The race to acquire material sensations never ends. It only increases in pace as we get older. We do our best to squeeze everything we possibly can into our short stint of huffing oxygen. We zip through our lives chasing things that will only briefly relieve the inevitable existential meltdown on the horizon. How quickly we will reach our destination, nobody knows, so we dash frantically about, whilst being sucked towards our fate despite our greatest efforts to delay.

“Existential crisis”…isn’t all of life an existential crisis? Here today, and gone tomorrow so to speak.

Author: canyoufeelthevibes

You're here for the same reason I am...to have a human experience.

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