Review of 2017(Start of 2018)

I originally created this blog in July of 2017 with the intention of it becoming my electronic journal. It has become so much more than its initial purpose. I have written poems, short stories, philosophy, and general queries. It has received views from 9 different countries across 4 continents. I was expecting my family and close friends to read it when they were bored, but nothing more than that.

It is motivating to see the number of visitors and views, even though they are far from jaw-dropping. It is encouraging to see that people across the globe are taking interest in my writing. My literary skills have come a long way, but, certainly have a long way to go. I am steeping myself in the process of becoming an excellent writer. It is comical to look back on elementary poetry, semi-delusional ponderings, and grammatical imperfections. I’m positive that my first six months of writing will only become more entertaining as I age.

That being said, 2017 was an eventful year in which most importantly I married the love of my life with whom we are expecting a child in early April.  I accepted my first head coaching position, which I enjoyed immensely. After traveling to the Dominican Republic, I moved back to Maryland in order to begin anew.

It has been interesting to see home through a different lens after being away for over a year. My dog’s face has greyed and he is slow to get up. The surrounding community is growing rapidly with the increasing influence of the naval base down the road. The “progress” is mingled with a small town, rural feel which seems to be dying a slow death. Urban sprawl seems destined to overrun the area.

It has been spiritually healing to see my family and a few friends; the experience tends to make existence feel concrete. Basecamp with familiar faces so to speak. The holidays went well, winter is in full swing, and I am looking forward to spring bursting onto the scene. This time of year always touches me with an air of melancholy and boredom. With new resolutions to a “new” year, a need for invigoration and a renewed sense of purpose is required in order to follow through.

The past two years have been the most eventful of my life so far, and have gifted me with a sense of clarity and perspective of which I have never experienced before. The fog of existence has lifted just enough for me to begin finding my way. My struggle with the slippage of time remains and is unavoidable, but the key to overcoming it is to get into a sensation of “flow” in which time is no longer felt.

I will be 29 this March and have so many goals and visions swirling about in my head, that I must ground myself, put my hands in the dirt, and work the soil from which my life purpose will be reaped. I am excited about the journey ahead and am very pleased with where the past two years have taken me. Cheers to two more years just like it. One step at a time and I will see where the river of existence floats me. Only time will tell. Onwards and upwards. Happy “new” set of 365 earth spins.

Author: canyoufeelthevibes

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