No Resolve In Our Resolutions

Resolutions. “I resolve to…” Why is it that man inherently feels the need to improve? Or better yet, why is it that after resolving to improve, he fails to do so, and then resolves to do so again. The struggle of consistency is more brutal than we give it credit. Are we biologically predisposed to be unworthy creatures in our own eyes? Forever seeking a better version of ourselves through planning and action?

It is a noble endeavor to improve one’s position in life, but how much of it is actually within our control? It is comforting to think that progress is within our grasp, and all we have to do is reach out and take it. Why is it then, that so few people actually achieve their desired result? Year after year people go back to “START’ only to wind up short of their destination yet again.

It is encouraging that the large majority of people refuse to pledge to be worse than they were the year before. There is certainly no lack of optimism, yet I can’t help but think that the majority stay close to a relatively flat trajectory for most of their lives. “Average” seems to be the norm for a reason I suppose.

It is interesting to note that our unrivaled ability to plan, is typically outweighed by our unnatural habit of inaction. Animals toil tirelessly with reactionary stimuli with no betterment in mind aside from nourishment, and perhaps shelter. The game of life can be broken down into simplistic components, but the friction that is created by our complex, modern world, tends to disrupt our thoughts and actions. We mean well, but for the large majority of people, their dreams will never come to fruition. Numbers don’t lie, and statistics are a harsh mistress.

Author: canyoufeelthevibes

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