Winds blow, waters flow, and plates collide. The earth spins effortlessly around an unbelievably powerful source of heat and light in the distance. We are so accustomed to the “Goldilocks” state of our place in the universe, that we scarcely recognize, let alone appreciate the intricate perfection of our creation. All of life on earth is in a battle for survival. The constant pressures of evolution bring the combat of organisms to a boil. It is an almost audible condition of our planet. Although we have transcended the immersive nature of the struggle, we nevertheless remain trapped in the circle of life.

Our struggle is no longer with our animal cousins but our mother earth. How can we live on her sustainably? What does it take to maintain a healthy existence? Have we done too much damage to survive here in the future? The struggle for the sustainability of resources is far more complex than our initial campaign to dominate our animal brethren; which was simply extermination and subjugation. Our species has proven to be exceptionally gifted in those particular methodologies. Why is it that our systematic and ruthless approach to destruction, is so far advanced compared with our ability to live in global harmony?

Perhaps we have been in the thick of the fighting for so long, that we are just now beginning to see the flip side of the coin. We are not used to living peaceably. It is as if we are so used to being in a constant struggle, that our ability to strike out has been honed to an extreme, while a recess creates merely paranoia in anticipation of when the next round of conflict will begin. We use this downtime to prepare for yet another attack on our environment or each other. Our means of survival have always depended upon domestication, extermination, and/or harvest. There is an utter lack of symbiosis between our species and our planet. Our parasitic nature is killing off our host.

Author: canyoufeelthevibes

You're here for the same reason I have a human experience.

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