After being around the game for 25 years, and coaching for the past 7…I think the lacrosse community is in need of a reality check. Nearly every parent I meet has no clue what the odds of their son playing at the next level are. 

You Are “Here”

A Statistical Analysis of The Odds of Playing at The Next Level

By: Taylor Richard Cook



As of 2016, there were 292,695 male players at the youth level. Approximately 61% of those players (180,399) went on to play in high school. Of those 180,399 players, 7.5% (13,446) went on to play at the college level: 1.7% (3,139) went on to play Division 1, 1.3% (2,504) went on to play Division 2, and 4.3% (7,803) went on to play at the Division 3 level. Of those 13,446 college players, only 2% (270) went on to play at the professional level. Essentially if you played youth lacrosse in 2016, you had a 4.5% chance to play in college (1% Division 1), and a .0009% chance of playing at the professional level. Approximately 50,000 more youth players have joined the lacrosse ranks since 2016, with the game growing at the high school ranks at a tremendous clip as well. With so many parents with delusions of grandeur, the numbers need to be displayed more prominently in order for a more realistic approach to be taken by the lacrosse community.


2016 Males Participation % players to next level
Youth 292,695 61%
High School 180,399 7.50%
College 19,089 2%
Division 1 3,139 1.7% H.S. players
Division 2 2,504 1.3% H.S. players
Division 3 7,803 4.3% H.S. players
Professional 270 .0009% chance from youth

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