Thoughts on 2019

My resolution for 2019 is to learn as much as I possibly can, each and every day. This means expanding my horizons in the pursuit of knowledge with a growth mindset that will enable me to access my own unlimited potential. This resolution is made in the hopes that by igniting my passion for learning, I will inspire others to begin their own, continual, and never-ending quest for knowledge.

Today was my first daily attempt to use all activities as an opportunity to make connections between seemingly unrelated and abstract things, and to use that new neural circuitry to enhance my capabilities in others. For example, today I played tennis with my father and some of his friends-the events of which inspired me to adjust the strategies I was applying in a literal chess match with my wife.

This may seem elementary, but, I must admit that I used to approach most activities as distinctly separate entities. I now believe that a continuously renewed perspective, coupled with efficient adaptability, and routine achievement of “flow” to be the primary characteristics of a growth mindset with infinite plasticity.

This state of mind can only be reached with a ceaseless striving for personal betterment for the benefit of one’s fellow human beings. In order to have a widespread impact, a person must embody their beliefs and values. Human beings are enthralled with those who do as they please, even if it runs countercultural to the traditional norms of society. Essentially, the mob looks for those who march to the beat of their own drum, despite the inevitable social backlash.

Deep down, the average person wishes they weren’t afraid to live by their own rules. They “wish,” instead of enduring the evolutionary steps towards becoming the best possible versions of themselves. Most people want it to happen, but they aren’t willing to make the necessary sacrifices in order to live the lives they’ve always dreamed of. They settle for less, take comfort in predictability, and allow self-constructed limitations to destroy their chances of achieving their full potential.

In the pursuit of new knowledge, today I played tennis, listened to classical music, sketched with blue pen, attempted “crossovers” while jumping rope, played a chess match, enjoyed classic literature, and studied Norwegian. Come to think of it, I am so unbelievably lucky to perform any and all of those activities. This is why it is so important to remember to express gratitude for your existence, and all of the experiences and opportunities that you are given, in order that you may access the higher states of consciousness that result from unrestricted spiritual development and growth.

My resolution for 2019 is to become the best possible provider, protector, and version of myself that I can possibly be. My mantra for the year is “how you do anything, is how you do everything.” I intend to continuously apply new knowledge to the foundations of old, along with the precision demolition of faulty cornerstones- such as the values and beliefs that no longer serve a beneficial purpose in my pursuit of becoming my highest self.

In summary, I am looking forward to the infinite possibilities that are awaiting my transmutation. I am going to develop and perfect a growth mindset with unlimited plasticity in order to maximize my chances of becoming the best possible version of myself.

This coming year I am going to read at least fifty books, and write at least 3 more books. I am going to exercise, meditate, read, and write on a daily basis. I am going to be excited to try new things, meet new people, and most importantly, learn from all of the “good” and all of the “bad” experiences of this year. I resolve to use them in order to attain a higher sense of self-awareness, a new level of spiritual development, and a renewed mind-body connection to allow for the successful transmutation of my reality into what I deem fit.

I wish everyone the best of luck on their resolutions and may all of you experience the true magic of higher consciousness, self-actualization, and the fundamental transmutation of physical reality with a finely honed ability to continuously learn, adapt, and implement new knowledge in the procurement of achieving your highest self.

Author: canyoufeelthevibes

You're here for the same reason I have a human experience.

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