Reasons to Remain

  1. My wife
  2. My son
  3. My family
  4. My friends
  5. Reading
  6. Writing
  7. Good coffee
  8. Good tea
  9. Sunrises
  10. Sunsets
  11. A nice breeze
  12. Soft sheets
  13. A warm bed
  14. A nice view
  15. Spotting birds
  16. Spotting wildlife
  17. Long walks
  18. Intelligent conversation
  19. Sharp wit
  20. Humility
  21. Beautiful clouds
  22. Thunderstorms
  23. Falling snow
  24. Sweatshirts
  25. Sweatpants
  26. Comfy socks
  27. Hot showers
  28. Cold showers
  29. Back rubs
  30. A fresh shave
  31. Relaxing
  32. Good music
  33. Good food
  34. Hugs and kisses
  35. A good sense of humor
  36. And many many more….

The Dream

The simple life is what I seek. I want a small, secluded beach cottage situated on the ocean. Friends and family would be welcome, but I fantasize about living a hermit’s life, and romanticize about being completely off of the grid. I truly want nothing more than a library full of books, paper and pens, coffee, and a writing room in the upper floor that faces the ocean. That’s it. That’s my dream.

I don’t want a fancy mansion. I don’t want flashy cars. I don’t want fame and fortune. I want a quiet, peaceful life with my family. I would die happy knowing that I have endeavored into great literature, written to the best of my ability, and provided my family with a safe, comfortable existence. That’s all I want, and I can already see it coming into fruition.

Who Are You?

The complex answer is…you are an infinite spirit energy having a human experience in order that you may achieve a higher understanding of universal consciousness. The simple answer is…whoever you would like to be. Most people whose confidence has been crushed, or who have been ingrained with limiting beliefs will scoff at the notion. But, stay with me for a second. Are you who you were ten years ago? Or ten months ago? Or even ten days ago? No matter how firmly you may believe you are the same, the correct answer is no.

It is impossible for experiences to not fundamentally change who you are on a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level. The neuroplasticity of your brain, and the receptiveness of your spirit turn all experiences into transformative occurrences. Thousands of these transformations happen every day, and change your physical makeup on a subatomic level. You go to bed every night as a different person than you were when you crawled out of bed that same morning. It is a fundamental truth of existence. You create your reality as you go…scary I know.

I will not go into the rates of change that our cells undergo, or the lack of our working memory’s efficiency (although they would only provide further evidence to support my claims). This is not a scientific journal. Scientific evidence aside, think about the fluctuations of your mood, mindset, and outlook over the course of an hour, let alone a broader time-frame. Constantly changing. You, myself, and indeed all of us are in a constant flux.

It’s not just humans that are constantly changing. All animals, all plants, all life on earth are constantly transforming. Our narrow spectrum of receptivity to the vast array of energy fields and vibrations in the universe limit our ability to fully grasp the complexity and intricacies that are constantly fluctuating around us. We have built advanced machinery that allows us to see a slightly broader scope and scale of the world around us, but for the most part, we are traversing through our universal experience with rose colored lenses.

We sense just enough concrete evidence to enable us to navigate our experience with clarity and confidence that we are truly alive. Our scope of reality separates itself and ourselves from dreams, fantasy, and imagination. We can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell our external surroundings. But, just remember that our brains are essentially an antenna. The vibration that we send out, the universe returns to us as our fundamental experience of reality.

IF you can manage to change your vibrational frequency, your surroundings will mimic the change. Meditate, heal, read, write, and do things that invigorate your highest spiritual self. Become the best possible version of yourself, and watch as you create your greatest possible version of reality. Many have done just that, and so can you. Anything is possible. “I think, therefore I am.” I love you all. Onward and upward. -TRC

Why are We Here?

Allow me to start by acknowledging that the Universe/God etc. cannot be captured with words. We do not know, and I think we are not meant to know. Life would be an utter bore if we knew all of the answers. The mystery is one of the reasons for our eternal striving for existence. That being said, I am only capable of putting my ideas on the table. All readers are able to pick and choose as they please, or to leave them there entirely.

I think we are here on this vibrational plane in order to learn. We are here to learn how to love. Love is the most powerful emotion that we can experience, and we are here to spread it to all other entities on this plane of existence. Spiritual leaders have preached the same message throughout history. We are all here because we are seeking to break out of the cycle of existence in the human sphere and achieve a higher consciousness that will allow us to exist on a higher rung of an infinite ladder of cosmic experiences.

Whether or not you believe in past lives is up to you, but I believe that our souls/spirits are eternal, and we may have experienced our lives or similar lives many times before. Some of you/us may believe that we are here for the first and only time, and that may be true as well, depending on your spiritual path. Others may believe that we are doomed/blessed to repeat this life over and over in a damned/beautiful eternal recurrence. No theories are foolproof, but I can promise that living a life full of love is the easiest and best way to create a better life for yourself and for all others that you come into contact with.

Love yourself. Radiate peace, love, and harmony. Love your enemies. Show kindness to those who are in need. Be gentle with those who are angry. Show compassion and empathy to those who are suffering. Sacrifice yourself for the greater good and you will truly experience “heaven” in this life or the next. Live a life of love, find peace in this chaotic existence, and teach others to do the same, and you may begin to scratch the surface of why we are here. I know I am constantly struggling to do so myself. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Fight the good fight and better yourself every day. If life is indeed meaningless, you’ll at least be creating a better experience for yourself and everyone involved. I love all of you. Onward and upward. -TRC

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