Youth is fleeting. In the moment, it feels as if you’ll stay young forever, then suddenly it’s over. Looking back, it’s as if you’ve lived your life on fast-forward. It sounds cliche…but it goes so fast. The unlimited energy and unlimited possibilities dwindle with age, and we are left with important decisions on where and how to spend our increasingly limited time and energy.

I suppose it’s not just youth, but all of life. Every year the seasons seem to grow shorter and shorter. Every year seems to go by more quickly. That being said, life is full of so many beautiful moments, and filled with so much joy that the shortness can be counteracted with the abundance of sensational experiences. Youth is nice, but experience has its value as well.

I don’t miss the rush of my youth, but I do miss some of the friends that I had and some of the opportunities and experiences that I still cherish. Life happens exactly as it should and we are given exactly what we need in order to grow and develop as best as we possibly can. Another chance at youth would be nice, but I wouldn’t trade the life I’ve been given for another. I would do it all over again-exactly how I had the first time.

If you are in the prime of your youth, have fun. If you are in the fall of your years, pass on your knowledge. If you are towards the winter of your life, relax and enjoy the simple things, and bask in all of the beautiful memories that you have made. Every stage of life has its value, youth just seems to be the most fun because it goes so fast.

Author: canyoufeelthevibes

You're here for the same reason I have a human experience.

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