Meditation. Seems foreign, crunchy, or even like new age hippy bullshit to most Americans. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. It was not until I started practicing it myself that I understood why. It is the most powerful tool I have ever utilized.

There are too many benefits of meditation to name in this blog post, but I will name a few. Clarity. Meditation helps to clear out the cobwebs in your mental space. It organizes the clutter. You open your eyes after twenty minutes of focusing on your breath, and the world looks as if it is in high definition.

Relaxation. The practice also helps you to relax. It makes you realize that the stress you are experiencing may not be necessary. Meditation is proven to lower your heart rate and even your blood pressure. You should come out of your practice with an experience of peace and calm.

Focus. Meditation helps you to focus on what actually matters. It strips away trivial matters and allows you to maintain clear vision on what is actually important. If I told you that you could achieve clarity, relaxation, and focus in just twenty minutes a day, would you believe me? I can promise you that beginning a meditation practice will do just that.

Find a comfortable position sitting or laying down. Close your eyes. Let your thoughts come and go, but always return to the inhale and exhale of your own breath. It is that simple. It seems easy, but just starting out, you may struggle to sit with your thoughts for even five minutes. Start small and work your way up to longer periods, but the key is to start. It will change your life.

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