Superstitions or Universal Language

Do you ever see “12:34” or “11:11” on the clock and think they possess meaning? Finding meaning with certain numbers is called numerology. A person may think they are on the right track or “on time” if they repeatedly see certain numbers. I personally am not sure if seeing numbers holds any true meaning, but I do prefer to see certain sequences. It makes it seem like I am synchronized, even though time as we measure it is essentially a human construct.

Do you ever see certain birds, insects, or animals and think they are a message from Mother Nature. There are a multitude of sites that will give you the “universal meaning” behind these sightings. For example, a praying mantis may mean patience, stillness, or slowing down. While I enjoy seeing these creatures, I can’t discern whether they are universal signals, or mere coincidences. I run into the same conundrum as I do with numerology. While I would like them to have concrete meaning, I am just not sure.

Both of these concepts are difficult to diffuse. They require awareness, timing, and synchronicity. It is difficult to plan these encounters. While you could technically sit and wait for the numerology, you may still become distracted at the last second and miss the sequence. The creature encounters require two “sentient” beings to encounter each other by chance. Both of these concepts may be just that-pure chance. I like to think that the universe is speaking to me directly, telling me whether or not I am on course, but, I’ll never really know.

Author: canyoufeelthevibes

You're here for the same reason I have a human experience.

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