Sensory Perception and Continuity

Our senses are our tools for navigating our universe. Are they capable of providing us with sufficiently necessary information? Or do they keep us veiled from the actuality of our surroundings? We see, feel, taste, smell, and hear the world around us, but aren’t these sensations essentially one and the same; our body’s way of providing us with experience? These sensations are limited in terms of the spectrum with which we interact with the fundamental materials of space and time, due to our biology.

Just as all other organisms on earth perceive their universe in relation to their physical biology, we humans can only perceive the universe through our sensory organs. The machines and tools with which we can relate to the imperceptible happenings of our existence help to fill in the blanks, but the added insight is still absorbed through our physical senses. Would the universe exist without sensory input? Would we exist without universal sensory output? Is it a duality in which one cannot exist without the other?

The vast array of information that goes unnoticed due to our relatively narrow sensory bandwidth plays a crucial role in our life; whether we like it or not. Or does it? Have we been biologically programmed to perceive the precise amount and type of information in order for us to survive, and the rest is merely extraneous? Are we a stepping stone for the formation of more adequate sensory perceptions in the coming generations of our species? Will the majority of our evolutionary progress come from a more highly developed neocortex? Have we reached our evolutionary plateau? Will our species die out due to our limited capabilities of solving the fundamental riddles of our existence?

We are the most capable species on the planet, but how far removed are we really from our organic cousins? Although we are the most capable, we are also the most destructive. Our ability to alter our surroundings at scale, has been the most detrimental process for our planet in it’s brief history of hosting life. “Intelligent life,” is slightly comical in regards to our self-proclaimed pedestal in the universe.

Our seat on the highest link of the planetary food chain, should by no means incur our creation of a universal class of organisms. How very narcissistic of us. Despite all of our innovation, and creative prowess, our gauge of intelligence is limited to ourselves and our lack of competition. We can only imagine beings of higher intelligence, and speculate on their culture, technology, etc. Yet we always frame their existence in terms of our world.

Our universal view can only be defined by our descriptive language. The rate at which groups of organisms organize and flourish, is unfathomable on a separate scope and scale. They may need none of which we have defined as the fundamental structures of human societies. Their evolution may have a fundamentally separate trajectory, yet they may still surpass our capabilities based on universal exploration and understanding.

We should be proud of how far we have come as a species, but we must understand we have a long journey ahead of us. I fear that sustainable peace with ourselves, our planet, and our universe is beyond our grasp. We are not biologically capable of making the quantum leaps to side-step the social constructs with which we are enamored, and regain a scientific rationality in regards to the progression of the species. Is there such a rationality? Or does the creative force of mother nature, always balance life to the degree that is necessary? No answers, only questions.

Author: canyoufeelthevibes

You're here for the same reason I have a human experience.

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